1. Fairness, honesty and partner relations with our clients

Hair Majesty’s mission is to help people. Reliability and honesty are our priorities. We always keep our promises and try to understand each and every client’s needs in order to make their life a bit easier. At the same time we know our limitations and that is why we cooperate with medical doctors to ensure 360 approach to solve your hair problems.

2. Understanding of hair loss as a result of personal experience

We address all clients with empathy, because we do understand the hair loss problem both emotionally and practically.

3. Professional counseling helping to find optimal solutions serving best individual client needs

A team of trained professionals is working to offer you an optimal emergency aid package to improve comfort of your every day living.

4. Highest quality of our products and services

We offer you products representing the highest industry standards and XXI century services: modern diagnostic methods, treatments with proven effects as well as trend following hairdressing.

5. Premises ensuring privacy and sense of security

We created an ambience of warmth and cosiness as our key objective is to make you feel comfortable.

6. Competitive prices and discounts