How nonsurgical hair replacements work and for whom are they suitable?
People have been replacing hair for centuries. For instance Cleopatra or Marie Antoine mesmerized with impressive wigs which have been taken care of by a number of servants. Although a lot has changed since that time one thing remains constant: beautiful, lush hair are an important attribute of attractive looks.

In today’s society more and more people suffer from problems with hair loss or unsatisfactory hair condition. There are several reasons for that situation i.e. chronic disease, hormonal imbalance and stress. This is exactly where hair replacement methods come to the rescue. In almost no time they allow us to transform our appearance, making our hair fuller and more attractive. It is particularly important, because self-confidence, accepting our looks and lack of stress connected to hair problems is crucial if we want to find the primary reasons for our hair condition and reverse them in the long term.

The nonsurgical hair “implants”, depending on client’s need, can increase hair density or length covering the hair depletion making the coiffure lusher and healthy looking. Depending on clients individual preferences hair replacement can take many forms, differing in way of application and durability.
This is exactly what we specialize in at Hair Majesty: creating highest quality hair replacements and meeting individual needs of each client. Only a perfect understanding of clients functioning, his or her lifestyle and professional beauty features analysed by a stylist allows us to find the right hair replacement which will be a real beauty enhancement and will make clients life easier being fully naturally looking at the same time. We share with you our expertise gathered over years of handling with various hair replacement methods, to offer you optimal tailored made solutions for your hair condition.

From the technical point of view “non-surgical hair implants” mean hair placed on a special base, which later on is being integrated with client’s own hair or applied in a totally painless and non-invasive way directly on his/her skin.

We are not leaving anyone without help, as hair replacements are suitable for people with total hair loss, clients with partial balding or those who simply would like to improve their looks or make their everyday hair care easier. Make an appointment and find out for yourself!

We will explain all details during a one-to-one meeting.


What types of hair do we offer?

All our products represent the highest quality, we pay attention to each order detail, because we know how important it is for our clients’ satisfaction. It is with great deal of care we choose and recommend you the right type of hair ensuring the most natural hairdo effects. Our highest priority is to meet your expectations regarding the future look, its durability and ways of maintaining it. Despite the fact that in our offer we have also synthetic hair replacement systems, we strongly recommend natural human hair coming from various parts of the globe. The origin of hair is determining its features and characteristics.


Dark, thick and rather stiff type of hair. They are very straight, but they keep shapes given to them during hairdressing processes. To give them brighter shades they must be first decoloured which unfortunately can damage the hair structure. To rebuild Chinese hair giving them shine and healthy look they are covered with special wax. Due to chemical procedures performed on bleached hair they can statistically break more often. They are suitable for hair replacements are used for shorter period of time or which we frequently swap. Due to high supply this is one of the least expensive types of hair, which properly styled and maintained can look very naturally, serving it purpose.


They are less stiff and wavier than Chinese hair. As natural hair colour of people in India is dark, to achieve blond or red colours they must be bleached as well and this changes their structure and livelihood. They are recommended for all those who look good in darker shades of hair and are ready to change their solution once a year.


As stated in their name, this type of hair comes from Europe. Due to their softness and brighter shade palette they integrate with hair of polish clients better. In reality hair labelled as “European” are collected mostly in Italy or Spain, hence their darker colours in natural form. To achieve fair palette they must be dyed.


This is a type of European hair collected in Slavic countries such as Russia and Ukraine. Due to colour palette matching Polish hair and their silkiness, Slavic hair are the best match for integrations with hair of most Poles.


This is how we call hair which have not been coloured at all, so they are offered in their natural condition. Colouring processes damage hair, so virgin hair look healthier and are more endurable. What is very important with this type of hair is present on all continents. Those clients who do not change colour of their own hair or prefer short haircuts are recommended to use Slavic virgin hair, as they match their needs the best.


The word “remy” describes the way hair is being collected. Key thing here is that the natural direction of hair cases is being kept. When collected hair are being placed on a hair replacement like on the donors head (from roots to ends), the hairdo looks more natural, keeps better shape without tousling. Similarly to virgin hair, remy ones are available despite the place of origin.