You have long hair and you would like to change the way you look? Maybe you want to cut your child’s hair after the first communion? Thanks to Hair Majesty you can make it happen in a nice atmosphere and get additional money in the process. Come and check us out!

Hair Majesty is buying up Slavic hair in all colors from men, woman and children of minimum 40 cm length. Individual price assessment of each hair type depends of following attributes: length, weight, thickness, condition and colour.

Framework pricelist looks as follows:


Price in PLN per kg

35-40 cm
40-50 cm
50-60 cm
60-70 cm
Above 70 cm  

to be negotiated

In case of blond hair we add +10% of price per kg, chemically coloured hair price per kg is lower by 50%.


What to do when you want to sell us your hair?

The best idea is to call us and make an appointment. Cutting and styling of your new short hair costs only 50 PLN for all those who sell us their hair! Please let us know as we must book time of our hairdresser. You can also bring us your hair without using help of our hair stylists. How to do it?

1. Wash your hair using a shampoo, comb your hair and let them dry naturally. Do not apply any conditioners! 2. Divide hair into sections (number depending on hair thickness and amount). 3. In each section make a pony tail (you can also make braids) and place hair ties in the end of each section. 4. Cut 2-3 cm above the hair tie. 5. Bring/send hair to Hair Majesty for price assessment..